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Design Contest
A Helium filled spherical ballon
Design Requirements : Configuration : spherical Diameter = 2 m., thickness, nature of construction, materials, surface finish, etc. part of design.

Internal pressure: 1.01 atmospheric pressure (peak), Helium or hydrogen filled

External pressure: 1 atmosphere

Other environment : Solar radiation (including UV), rain, humidity

Gas leak rate inside to outside and outside to inside :
to be minimized by choice of materials (buoyancy change per year to be minimized)

Dry mass of the balloon : to be minimised

Criteria for evaluation :
Dry mass per unit surface area (should be less than 300 gm / m2 ) , buoyancy change / unit vol / yr should be minimised

Leak rate/surface area (should be less than 1 litre/m2/ day) Design should meet the minimum requirements currently known as indicated
Transortable over bridge

A portable over-bridge to be designed to cross over an 80’ road. The over bridge should allow free passage of pedestrians. A straight approach or a parallel approach may be chosen. Passage width ~ 1.5 m, appropriate slope no steps. Roadway to be cleared for trucks and other heavy vehicles, etc. as in a standard over bridge. Design is such that elements are pre-fabricable, transportable, installable and reusable. Should be of minimum weight and cost. Should withstand weathering and other loads including earth quake as required for a location like Bangalore. Use of composite materials may be considered
Domestic solar water heater

Currently a large number of solar water heaters of different capacities and cost are available in the market. A 100 litre capacity system no cost higher than Rs.15000/-. The design problem is to arrive at a design that achieves drastic cost reduction (Rs.5000/- or less) but without significant reduction of efficiency.

The response to on line contest will be taken stock continuous by the Evaluation Team and prizes will be awarded during ISAMPE AGM. The problem may be active for a period of 1year.


1. The contest is open to all either as individuals or as teams.
2. Materials used must be available for procurement and the source must be identified. The use of composite or non-composite materials is permitted.
3. Prizes will be awarded for the SELECTED entries in each category and. If no suitable entry is found no prize will be given. The problem will remain active on line for a period of 1 year during which engineers can respond.
4. Entries to the design contest will be evaluated by a panel of experts. Selected entries will be given prizes by the e-souvenir committee during ISAMPE Annual General Meeting.
Aeronautical Society of India Building,  Suranjan Das Road Junction, 
New Thippasandra, Bangalore - 560075