Hyderabad Chapter

The Hyderabad chapter of ISAMPE was formally inaugurated on 29th June 2001. The function was presided by Dr.P.S.Nair, President, ISAMPE, Dr.B.R.Somashekar, Director, ISAMPE Executive Board, Shri.Prahlada, Chairman, ISAMPE Hyderabad chapter, Shri G. Balasubrahmanyam, Vice Chairman, ISAMPE Hyderabad chapter. The chief guest of the function was Dr. Kota , Harinarayana Distinguished Scientist and Programme Director LCA.

Programme started with welcome address by Shri Prahlada, Director, DRDL. He stated that application of advanced materials in aerospace is ever growing. The extensive works in field of composite materials are being carried out in various R & D laboratories, industries located in Hyderabad. In view of this it is very apt to have Hyderabad chapter of ISAMPE. He expressed gratitude on behalf of members of Hyderabad chapter to ISAMPE for support and encouragements in this regard.

Dr.P.S.Nair made the inaugural address of ISAMPE Hyderabad Chapter. He covered the objectives of ISAMPE and pointed out the potential of using ISAMPE as a forum for interaction and information sharing especially in composite related work. He formally declared the Hyderabad chapter open and promised continuous guidance and support from ISAMPE Head office. (He extended best wishes for the Hyderabad chapter).

Dr. Kota Harinayarayna delivered the keynote address on "Composites in LCA Programme". He highlighted success stories of the various technological challenges in development of airframe components of LCA. LCA uses 45% airframe out of composite materials. He presented the state of art technology in areas of Design and analysis of composite structures, Electromagnetic design and qualification of Radome, Brake disc. Development Autolay software, design of largest composite wing, CAD/CAM etc. He emphasized that development of precursor for carbon fibre needs special attention for ongoing and futuristic programme. He stressed on the development of SMART structure for optimum and reliable performance.

Dr. B.R. Somashekar, Director, Executive Board, ISAMPE gave activities promoted by ISAMPE. Number of seminars and conferences were organised by ISAMPE. He emphasized that Technicians should be encouraged along with their superiors. Number of awards have been Instituted in this regard, He congratulated Shri Prahlada for overwhelming response ( more than 80 members) in Hyderabad chapter at its inception.

Shri G. Balasubrahmanyam, Vice Chairman covered the proposed activities of Hyderabad Chapter. He ensured members that technical assistance will be provided in field of design and processing of composite through this platform. The efforts will be made to cover entire AP through Hyderabad chapter. He thanked all members and sponsors for making this function a grand success.

Dr.N.S.Reddy, Secretary, ISAMPE Hyderabad chapter proposed vote of thanks.